Automatically Control Business Signs in Long Range

We use a new long range automatic remote control kit model: 0020105 (S2PUW-DC12-ANT2&1CC-2) to control business signs. This kit contains one receiver, one transmitter and magnetic sucker antenna.

Here is the automatic remote control kit that can be used to control business signs:


The automatic remote control kit can be used in agriculture automation, industry automation, and home automation, such as security system, remote control lights, motors, doors/ locks/ windows/ blinds/ cars and various equipments. The working distance of automatic remote control kit is between 1 mile and 3 miles. The remote control kit has waterproof case with waterproof connectors. The receiver can be installed outdoors. It can control products on land, water and air, especially in a long distance, such as business signs, motorboat, farm, pasture, offshore unmanned operation, field call, remote security alarm, unmanned aerial vehicle, etc.

The business sign is located approx 1.5 miles away and the area is wooded. We used transmitter to either turn on or off the business sign. The high power automatic remote control system is N/O relay output; each relay output can work at maximum current 30A. The receiver is located at the business sign location, which has an electrical service to it. We installed a separate relay to operate the business sign. Besides, we put the antennas on the building which can get a longer distance between the business sign and the building.

There are some kinds of business signs:





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