Utility Smartphone WIFI Controller for iOS Control DC Electric Curtain Motor

Electric curtains may be installed in many families. Compared with traditional curtain, electric curtain is very convenient to people. We can use remote controller to control it. In case, your remote controller is broken or you want to DIY electric curtain, you can use our utility Smartphone WIFI Controller. WLAN WIFI is extensively used nowadays, so we combine remote controller with WIFI network to make useful sort of product.  If you use this WIFI controller, only to use your cell phone as a transmitter, you can control your device within a reliable distance with WLAN.

It is applied in smart home, instruments, equipment control and modern agriculture field. WIFI remote controller controls many kinds of lights, motors, fans, electric doors/windows, aircraft, cars components, toys, rolling blinds, water pumps, winches or other electric devices with voltage AC110~240V or DC0~28V by its normally open and closed terminals.

This WIFI controller supports both 2.1 ~ 4.0 version Android software system and 4.6 ~ 6.1 version iOS software system. And we’d like introduce how to control DC motor under the iOS system. This controller works on the jailbroken iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch. Let’s see the procedure.

Here is the wiring diagram and picture. Motor is connected to common terminal ”B”. And normally open terminal“C” is connected to positive wire. Normally closed terminal “A” is connected to negative wire.

After finishing wiring, we switch on power. The LEDs of “Power”, “Ready” and “Link” are on one by one. We begin to operate.

After wireless network connection, press the icon of WIFI Controller software to turn on it.

There are 3 modes in common use. They are toggle, momentary and latched. But we usually use momentary for motor controlling.

Press and hold button 1, it is the motor’s positive rotation. Release button 1, it is motor’s stop.

Press and hold button 2, it is the motor’s reverse rotation. Release button 2, it is motor’s stop.




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