2000-5000M Remote Light Switch for Light Bar

Whether you’re reading in the comfort of your bed or setting just the right mood for watching a movie, remote light switch means never having to get up out of your favorite chair to switch ON/OFF your CFL bulb. If you want a remote light switch product to control one(multiple) light bar(s) in a super long range, but still worry about that you may don’t know if the light bar attached the wireless receiver is actually on/off in such a long distance .

We think remote light switch 0020114 (S1PXW-DC12-ANT2 & CC-2) may the choice for you. Because the remote light switch 0020114 can reach 2000, 3000m, 4000m or 5000m in different circumstances. With two-way feedback function, the light bar will turn on/off when you press on the button of the remote controller. And when the light bar is on/off, the wireless receiver will immediately send a return signal to the remote controller. After the remote controller receives the feedback signal, it will exude a buzzing sound like “D~” which means light bar has been turned on/off successfully. The two-way feedback function of remote light switch can make the user know whether ha/she has turned on/off light bar in such a long distance.


Here is the wiring for a light bar with the remote light switch 0020114.

Let’s see the material preparation:

1 x wireless receiver S1PXW-DC12V-ANT2

1 x remote controller CC-2

1 x DC 12V power adapter

1 x DC light bar


Neutral wire and live wire from the light bar should be respectively connected to Terminal “A” Terminal “B”of the wireless receiver. Connect live wire and neutral wire of Power Adapter respectively to “+” and “-”of power supply.


Set the control mode latched(with remote controller CC-2): Turn on the second and third bit of the dip switch.

Control mode Latched:

Press the big button on the remote controller-> light bar is on;

Press the small button on the remote controller -> light bar is off.

Pair the remote controller to the wireless receiver:

Press button K1 of wireless receiver for 1- 2 seconds; signal LED on the wireless receiver is on. The wireless receiver enters into status of LEARNING.

Press any one button on remote controller. If signal LED flashes twice, it means learning is successful.


Press the big button on the remote controller, the light bar is on.


Press the small button on the remote controller, the light bar is off.

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