How to Achieve Industiral Remote Control

How to Achieve Industiral Remote Control

Customer: I am a machine operator that needs to  to operate or monitor the machine for the industry. I always work outside of the rainy day so I want the transmitter with rainproof function. I will wear gloves when working, so I think the big button will be the best. The working range should reach 2000m at least. What’s more, I need 1 button transmitter.

According to the description of this customer, we think Waterproof 1 Big Button Remote Control/Transmitter With External Telescopic Antenna will be suitable for him.

Waterproof 1 big button remote control

The waterproof big button remote control can be used for long range industrial automation, long range agricultural automation and so on. It can control products on land, water and air, especially in a long distance, such as industrial light remote control, industrial door remote control and so on. It has the following features:

Working Range: The working distance of the waterproof big button remote control is 1 mile, 2 miles, 3 miles in different circumstances.

Feedback function: Can let the user know whether the receiver has been successfully triggered or operated by the transmitter or remote control in such a long distance.

Two-way working mode: When you press the remote control to send RF signal to the receiver, if the receiver has been successfully triggered or operated, the receiver will immediately transmit a RF feedback signal to the remote control. Then the remote control will send out a buzzing sound to inform you that the receiver has been successfully operated.

Waterproof Function: This waterproof remote control has waterproof connector and waterproof shell, so it can be used for outdoor and rainy days.

Big Button Remote Control: It will be easier to operate for this big button remote control when you wear gloves.

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