1 Channel 30A DC Remote Control Switch Electric Golf Cart ON and OFF

Question from customer:

My target is to install a remote control system to my remote electric golf cart. The RF wireless receiver will be supplied by the 12V/26A of the caddy battery. It will be fixed on the “ON/OFF” switch of the caddy. The transmitter will cut or open the switch. Do you have any suggestions?



We recommend the model 1 channel 30A dc remote control kit (S1PX-DC12&C-2). It is 1 channel 30A remote controller with direct current output. You don’t have to supply any power to the controlled device because it will get from powered receiver. It is applied for controlling light, motors, fans, electrically operated doors/ locks/windows/ blinds/cars or other appliances with DC12. The working distance is about 100m, but if you want to prolong control distance, you can add an external extended antenna.


The wiring is very easy. Your switch is connected to “+&-” OUT terminals on the receiver. And supply DC power to another “+&-” terminals of the receiver.


And you will get a handy transmitter with 2 buttons. We recommend you can set Latched Mode for this controlling. Press button 1, start remote golf cart; press button 2, stop remote golf cart.