Long range remote control well pump

We are looking for a wireless remote switch for our well pump at our cabin and I am wondering if one of your products could fit our needs. So quickly, our cabin is situated about 3/4 km from our water well pump. It’s pretty hilly and has trees in the way too. There is electricity at the pump head and right now we have to manually flick a on/off switch at the pump which is filling up the cistern in the house. Right now there is a timer at the pump which we can set so we don’t flood the house if we forget to flick it off. Ideally we would like to have a floating system in the cistern that would tell the pump to turn on/off wirelessly and when low/full or just having start for a small amount of time when low. I added a picture to the email to give you a better idea. Let me know if it’s something you can help us with.

According to the description and picture from this customer, we recommend him to choose an automatic water pumping system.

There are some remarkable characteristics of this new product. There are two operation methods of this remote controller. The first method is to control water pump motor with manual controller. The second method is to control water pump motor automatically by two mini water level sensors.

Online shop: http://yaokongjie.com



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