1 channel DC wireless kit of remote control runway lights

Question from our customer:

I am looking for a rf transmitter and several receivers for my small private airport. We have a controller box switch that activates when you key the microphone 7 times on a specific frequency.  I would like to plug a dc power adapter into this unit and wire into one of your remotes. The runway lights are all solar dc leds. I will need 12 receivers total to start out. My question is:  Can one remote, controlled by external wires, send a signal out to multiple receivers at the same time?  In other words, if the remote detects dc input and sends out an ON signal, can several receivers receive the ON signal at the same time?

This is the remote I’m looking at.

If I want to add additional receivers, what product number do I need or which receiver do I need to buy for this application?



We advise you to use the receiver according to your requirement. The receiver remote control  is 1 channel and working voltage range of relay is AC110~240V or DC0~28V. The transmitter (CB-2V) can connect two wires to other device and remote control distance is 1000m/3000ft theoretically. You can mount receivers to each runway light and connect the transmitter to your controller box by two wires. Once the control box triggers the transmitter, it will launch wireless RF signal “ON” receivers at the same time. Then the runway lights will turn on by wireless remote control.


Here is the circuit diagram of receiver. You can connect runway light to “ B & C” terminal of receiver. Then supply power to receiver. When the transmitter is triggered by your controller box, it launch signal “ON” to receiver and relay to close. The runway lights will automatically turn on by wireless remote control; when the controller box is cut, the transmitter launch signal “OFF” to receiver and relay to open. The runway lights will automatically turn off by wireless remote control.


Finally you can also enter into the website and search the wireless remote control kit as following:


Online shop: http://yaokongjie.com



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