How to Remote Control 6 Water Motorcycles

Water motorcycle is a recreational vessel that the rider sits or stands on, rather than inside of, as in a boat. Most are designed for two or three people. Water motorcycles are small, fast and fairly easy to handle and use. Besides recreational function, they are preferred for non-recreational function in accidents to pick up flood survivors. Also, there are obvious hazards of collisions and mechanical breakdowns of water motorcycles. How to prevent from accidents in time?

Someone wants to remote control 6 water motorcycles from long distance. That is a idea that from the beach, he is able to control the switch of a user that is getting wild or getting to close to danger. If we discover danger in advance, we can stop the water motorcycle.

He uses six 12VDC direct power output receivers with the long distance remote to control his water motorcycles.

1_01 (17)

Wire 6 water motorcycles to 6 receivers respectively and press button on and off to turn on or shut down water motocycles.

When any of water motorcycles is getting wild or getting to close to danger, he can press any button to stop any of them to prevent from accidents. What’s more, it is the long range remote control which can help him control water motorcycles from long distance.



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