Remote Light Switch – More Convenience

When using traditional light switch, most of people would complain that they have to get up to turn off the light every time when they intend to go sleep. This can be a real pain, especially for the wheel chair users or people with limited mobility.

Now a new and improved remote light switch allows you to control your lights wirelessly. This kind of switch is more beneficial than the traditional light switch and is especially useful for people with impaired mobility and other problems. It acts much like a remote controlled lighting fixture; controlled by a radio or other signal and does not require an operator to touch the switch. You simply install the switch to an overhead light and when you flip the switch, a small charge is produced by a miniscule generator. This charge is what actually powers the small control and sends out the signal that is received by your light fixture and the light is turned on/off. The remote switch uses batteries with a low and safe voltage; avoiding the risk of electric shock if a user touches a switch with wet hands, and allows switching apparatus from a location without a wired switch.

One additional benefit of remote switch for families with children is if your kids have trouble falling asleep and need a light on to feel comfortable, you can reduce your electricity usage by turning the lights off after they are asleep. A remote control light switch will allow you to do that without getting out of bed yourself, and without disturbing the children and waking them up.

However, the wireless switches are actually not intended to completely replace traditional wall switches. Although it would be an excellent idea in many homes, it still has some problems. The transmitter and receiver use a low-strength radio signal to communicate. Most devices are designed for use within a range of 100 feet. Metal barriers will distort radio waves and reduce this effective distance. In some models, if the signal weakens over time or stops working, you must change the batteries.

As a result, when you decide to use remote light switch, you should take these problems into consideration in addition to its benefits.

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