Our Automation, A better Choice

We often choose IR remote control to switch lamps on and off. It features convenience and safety, and most of which has great functions of dimming, speed regulation and mode changing. However, When using IR remote control, transmitters and receivers must be almost directly aligned to communicate, which means the controller must point at the LED light. Common materials such as people, walls, plants, etc. can block transmission. Moreover, performance drops off with longer distances.

At this time RF remote control will be more suitable. Its advantages of no line of sight, no block by common materials and longer range can make up for the shortcoming of IR remote control

RF Remote Control from rfcontrolsystem.com is widely used for remote controlling every kind of electrical devices on and off, including lights, fans, audio equipment, digital camera, etc. The longest transmitting range is up to about 2000M. 

They are also applied for running motor forward and reverse.


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