How to Change an Ordinary Socket to a Remote Control Socket


Wireless Remote Control for Remote Control Socket

Remote control socket is a socket whose power switch can be controlled by a transmitter. This remote control socket may be any of a socket in your home. If you want a AC remote control socket, you may choose a wireless remote control kit.

With such combination, you can easily control receiver’s power switch with a transmitter. Applications include lights, motors, Doors, Locks, windows, blinds, cars and various equipments。

Model 0020136 (S1PXW-AC220-ANT2 & CC-2) is a wireless remote control kit that can be used for remote control socket. The receiver model 0020134 (S1PXW-AC220-ANT2) has one channel. Both its power input and power output are AC100 ~240V and the two are consistent, that is, when the power supply inputs AC100V power, the Terminal A and Terminal B will output AC100 V power. The transmitter 0021061 (CC-2) has 2 buttons and a sliding cover which…

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