Portable Jack is Operated Remotely by 2000m AC Time Delay Remote Module

Question from customer:

I want a transmitter and receiver (2 remote distance 1000m) for operating a portable jack with a timer 20 minutes.



We recommend the model : 1 channel long distance remote module with adjustable timer (S1DA-AC220-ANT2 & CB-2). This module includes two parts: one is transmitter, the other is receiver. We add external extended antenna to make their transmission distance reach 2000m when transmitter separate from receiver. This kind of controller uses radio frequency to send signals. These signals are transmitted at a particular frequency. A receiver can receive those signals only if it is configured for that frequency. It can realize time delay function because we insert timer on the PCB board. Timer is adjustable from 0 second~99 hours. You can set time freely as you want.


Here is the wiring. We will wire portable jack to B&C dry contact terminals. A wire is connected to B &N terminals. Another wire is connected C&L terminals. At last, we add power to receiver.


Press buttons of “+”and “-” on the timer, adjust delay time from 0 second to 99 hours. “H” is Hour, “M” is Minute, and “S” is Second. For example, you want to set 20 minutes delay time. You set “M 2 0”. In order to check control module’s working statues, we can plug a lamp to that jack.

Press big button: Turn on jack and turn on lamp (connect B and C, disconnect A and B).

After delay time: Turn off jack by itself, then lamp will off latter (disconnect B and C, connect A and B).

Press small button: Turn off jack immediately, no need to wait for delay time. Lamp is also off at once.



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